learnenglishconversationvideos.blogspot.com CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH LESSON #3/WITH TEXT RENTING AN APARTMENT R=RENTER L= LANDLORD R Hi, I’m calling about the apartment for rent. L OK What would you like to know? R How much is the rent? L $700 a month and that includes heat. R Is the apartment near transportation? L Yes, it is near a bus downtown. R What size apartment is it? L It is a one bedroom. R Do you take pets? L Yes cats and small dogs. R When can I see the apartment? L How about tomorrow at 11 AM? R Oh, I have a class at that time. Is 2 PMOK? L Sure, what is your cell phone number and I will text you the address and directions. R 312 555-1111 My name is Tom Janz. J_A_N_Z L OK Tom, see you tomorrow. R OK see ya.

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